February 6, 2011

The Blackspark: Dance Inmyheartnow

From all the possible ways, mysterious Blackspark could introduce his new friend, Seven Spark, this was probably the best I could think of.
Improving his original style: contrasting and unusual cinematography, dramatic soundtrack, cutie models and the most tasteful sex action (including cum-play); we meet Seven Spark (we can actually see his face!), that proved that reading and dancing can give you a hell of a hard-on. The boy is versatile and complete, he blows, fucks and gets fucked. The final scene is extremely hot, with two masturbating dicks pointing to his mouth, which later gets his rightful loads (Blackspark load was kinda shy though). This is not your usual porn, it's sort of limited to classify it so, because there's much more than just sex, there're feelings, like intimacy and passion, that make The Blackspark series above anything you've ever seen, pornwise.

Let's rate this bitcH (Seven Spark's):

1) Face 94%;
2) Body 93%;
3) Cock 90%
4) Sexy Factor 99%
5) Cum Factor: 97%
- Overall: 95%
Videos with rating of 95% or above are considered to be the BEST in the business - JizzUs Selection.

Uppers: Of course, Seven Spark is a young Clark Kent sexy and has the most adorable bubble butt, making him a perfect bottom, yet a serious and stiff top. The clip is overall great, some of the best professional of amateur porn. Groove Armada's "Cards to your Heart" are a perfect match to the video. And yes, good old boy Seven Spark swallows most of his friends loads!.

Downers: You get used to Blackspark superb taste and you read things like "He learned fast", that are borderline childish and cheap. I can even understand that leaving things to our imagination is part of their identity, but hiding the ass-pounding action in every scene (you never see an actual dick fucking Seven Spark, for instance), and you find it hard to have a glimpse at Seven Spark's cock (only partial, when he's cumming). The double dick scene could have been much sexier, if filmed from above, and not from below, making it hard to see his pretty face, specially, the eyes. Also, there's only 4:30m of these boys, which is really sad.

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